Gold hack in rakion!

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Gold hack in rakion!

Post by DeviLorD on Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:38 am

use art money to gold hack

step 1.
open the art money then go to your rakion inventory
then look at your gold note for it
step 3.
go at the art money and click search
step 4.
search = exact value
value = your gold
type = float
address range = all
then click ok.
step 5.
now go at the game and join to the golem war
step 6.
now you are playing golem war after you finished the round one go at your inventory
and look at your gold now!
step 7.
now go at the art money and click filter
step 8.
search = exact value
value = your gold now
type = float
then click ok.
step 9.
thier wll be one address in the left side click it and click the red arrow adn change the value to 999,999,999 and you will see the letter "F" below of that letter "F" click it
step 10.
log off in the game and log in again and look at now your gold it will change to 999,999,999

have a nice day
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